Features of Ecom365cloud

Innumerable features that are very sensitive to the needs of any companies. Seemingly negligible yet sensitive factors become an organizational and planning challenge. Ecom365cloud has a wide feature index and it have helped many businesses. Here are some of the most important features of the leading ecommerce software.


Different customers have different priorities. Some are willing to wait for the order`s and other`s are willing to pay extra for faster shipping, while fewer are willing to pay the maximum fee for the same day or overnight shipping. That`s why we provide multiple shipping and payment options to offer customers. Moreover, tax management ability should be available to comply with different country codes.

Offline Capabilities

User's often kept switching from networks and due to their heavy reliance on apps, they expect the applications to work even when the network connectivity cannot be guaranteed. Offline app usage is also in high demand for reducing data usage and using apps offline. For example; Google maps offline feature will allow users to save maps offline.


This feature help customers to track ordered product. Whether it come`s via shipment or any other service. Customer will track product and its real-time location.It will help to know when the parcel or product will reach to customer.

Visual Appealing

Phones has a limited screen, content space and if the design is too cluttered, it would make the user journey complicated. Image quality is king when it comes to e-commerce. Ensure the app creatively uses this space meets business objectives without compromising on design .

Eye-popping theme

Alluring designs and graphics play an important role to grab attention quickly. People consider the good & interactive design for a longer time, So app designers should have the ability to pick the catchy colors & themes for better user experience. Any element of design must not be filled up with the devices of various display sizes.

Return Policy

Return policies are an essential feature of any e-commerce application or website. Return policy should be clearly visible and well written and illustrated.

Consumer reviews

Shoppers will care what others want to say. We provide consumer review feature which helps shoppers to make a final decision.

Product Comparisons

Product comparison will improve shopping experience and it increases sales. Customers typically shop for similar features. A product comparison feature on every product pages will help them to view features side-by-side, instead of flipping through many pages.

Live Chat

Live chat is a very important for every e-commerce application or website. This feature should be wide site, but important on every product page. Customer`s question will be answered quickly. This would help to increase your sales.

"Email a friend" Button

We couldn`t believe the number of people hit the "email a friend" button, a great feature to have on all your product pages. It helps spread the word in a quick and efficient way.

Show product on human models

For Skirts, sunglasses and t-shirts or anything that fits on a human, it can be really helpful to consumers when they see it on someone. Showing products on models is very effective. It lets the online shopper have a much better understanding of the particular product.

Share buttons

You can share your product link directly into social networking sites using this "Share button" feature.